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March 2012

Revitalisation of Pipeline Integrity Management

Revitalisation of Pipeline Integrity Management practice in Sasol Gas:
1. Training bowtie methodology as been developed by PIMS International, meeting the new Dutch legal requirements,
2. Risk Assessment with PIMS International bowtie methodology,
3. Development of Annual Integrity Management Plan of Sasol Gas.

November 2010

Development PIMS in Space Model

PIMS International has acquired a project funded by the ESA Integrated Applications Programme that focuses on monitoring gas and oil pipelines using space-borne sensors. End users (Gasunie, The Netherlands, and SASOL Mozambique and South Africa) are involved throughout the project in the definition of the requirements and testing of the system. The PIMS in Space project is carried out in a Dutch consortium with EuroP!MS (Groningen) and Ursa Minor (Delft) and led by S[&]T as prime contractor.