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October 2019

Update Risk Assessment NUON (Vattenfall) pipeline Enschede-Epe (D)

Update of the Risk Assessment of 2011 with Bowstar. Bowtie diagrams and reports both in Dutch and  German language

September 2011

Risk Assessment NUON pipeline Enschede-Epe (D)

Technical assistance in the execution of a risk assessment, meeting the Dutch NTA8000 requirements, for the 24" pipeline from Enschede (NL) to the gas storage plant in Epe (D). The assessment has been carried out by making use of the Bowtie methodology as been developed by PIMS International. Next to it the software package of PIMS International will be used to execute TCO-calculations, calculate the Performance Indicators and present the effectivity of (proposed) mitigating measures on the Risk Matrix of NUON.