Our engineers work with our customers to build software systems for pipeline integrity management that match their needs. Our data model and our Bowstar Gis Module provide the foundations.


PIMS Managerial ProcessesAssetmanagement 1

The mission of the asset manager is to find the right balance between the four 'pillars' of proper asset management: Cost, Reliability, Safety and Asset Value. It is the challenge of the asset manager to maintain the highest asset value within legal requirements and restrictions.

The related sub-processes of asset management can be derived from the asset pyramid, developed by PIMS International. Pipeline management is split up into 12 sub processes in order to enable appropriate distinctions to be made between the process parameters and the corresponding targets (KPI's). The adoption and implementation of these sub processes supplies the pipeline operator with the ultimate tool to control pipeline operations as required by ASME 831.8S, NEN 3650 and NTA 8000.

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