For each of our software modules we offer training so that the user is able to handle the software in the context of his day-to-day operation. For our new customers, Bowstar training is part of the installation process and training.

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At the request of our customers, we also provide Bowtie workshops. These workshops are designed to assist organizations in working with the bowtie method, as well as learning how to effectively apply the Bowtie methodology in practice.

In many cases, a bowtie workshop is used to train professionals in order to prepare them for participation in our risk assessments.

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PIMS International B.V. has expertise in both national regulation (NTA 8000, Bevb, NEN 3650)  as well as international regulations (ASME 831.8S). We are conducting a training program on pipeline risk management practice for pipeline operators under the auspices of NEN (Dutch standards development) and in close cooperation with ILT (Dutch Legal Authority on Risk Management Practice).

We are active in informing stakeholders about the coming regulations. Together with NEN we have provided training sessions to present the implications of the upcoming changes.

The training on PIMS practice required to meet NTA 8000 requirements and the development of functional specification for an IT-PIMS system based on risk assessment with bowtie technology.