PIMS International B.V. is a private Limited Company that has been founded in 2009 by Rob Bos. Utilising his long track record in the oil and gas industry, Rob Bos developed a risk management methodology that is unique in the industry.

In the years that followed, business has been expanding, and PIMS International B.V. has gathered a clientele of many key players in the oil and gas industry, such as Gasunie, Sasol Gas, Shell, Total, and GDf Suez (Engie). Because our risk methodology fulfils all major requirements an operator would need, as described in official codes (e.g. ASME B31.8S, NEN 3650, NTA 8000), PIMS International B.V. ensures its customers compliance with these standards.

Next to our consulting services in risk management, PIMS International B.V. also developed our own software called Bowstar and provides IT solutions which support our services, as well as training/ workshops.

Our vision

  • To provide high quality service
  • To simplify risk management practice for our customers
  • To earn our value by providing customers with insights into their risk management practice.
  • To help our customers to reduce their total cost of ownership by preventing/reducing accidents, prevention of environmental damage, reduction of maintenance costs and reduction of operational expenses.

Why use our unique bowtie methodology?

The main asset of PIMS International B.V. is the years of expertise in the Oil & Gas Industry in the area of asset risk management and security. Based on this experience in the field, we have developed a unique risk management methodology that brings asset risk management to a higher level, and helps our customers to deal with the increasing complexity in the field of asset risk management.

You would probably recognise the following facts:

Fact - It is a continual challenge to maintain business assets in par with Governmental rules, changing environmental conditions and industry standards, where demands have become stricter over the years.

Fact - It is difficult for the asset manager to find the right balance between cost, reliability, safety, and asset value.

Fact - Asset owners need to demonstrate maximum transparency in risk control which coincides with vast amounts of high quality data in order to manage their everyday activities most effectively.

Fact - It is challenging to find the right performance indicators to support the management with the right  overview to enable the efficient allocation of resources.

PIMS International B.V. uses these facts and provides services to assist asset managers to be able to better deal with these issues.